Attaway Services Carolina - Industrial Electrical Services

Attaway Services Carolina (ASC) provides industrial electrical services throughout the United States with a special focus on the oil and gas industry, industrial manufacturing and storage facilities. We take pride in working closely with our customers to ensure satisfaction.

We will install new electrical service, help you upgrade a current system and we also provide a maintenance program and all other services you expect from oil and gas electrical contractors. Here's some additional information on the industrial electrical services that we provide:

New Construction
  • MCC Installation
  • Loading Rack Installation
  • Butane Blending Installation
  • Ethanol and Bio-Diesel Installation
  • Additive System Installation

Troubleshooting & Maintenance
  • Emergency Services
  • Preventative Maintenance Tasks
  • Overall Terminal Maintenance

Design Build
  • Design Electrical Systems
  • Work Closely Together to Reduce Costs
  • Meet Deadlines

ASC's experienced and expert electricians are highly-qualified team members focused on safety and customer service. They have the knowledge and ability to work with new and traditional technology to develop a solution that meets your needs. They excel at developing creative options to help you achieve your desired outcome without any compromising on safety. We always strive to operate efficiently to help you stay on schedule and on budget.

When it comes to maintenance, we know any downtime of your electrical systems can significantly disrupt your manufacturing operations. Our maintenance program will help keep your electrical systems running at optimal levels, minimizing your risk of downtime.

When you call us in to fix a problem for you, whether it be an official emergency or troubleshooting, we will work as quickly as we can to help you solve the issue while maintaining safety protocols. Our first step will be to evaluate the problem and provide you with our expectation for the time it will take to fix it. We'll keep you up-to-date on our progress and let you know how we are tracking toward the initial timeline.

If you are looking for an industrial electrical services provider and are interested in working with us, please contact us at 704-392-4616 or by completing the contact form.